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Wade’s Charity is the working name of The Charities of Thomas Wade & Others, a charitable trust which provides grant funding for the benefit of the inhabitants of the inner city of Leeds. The Charity arose from the will of Thomas Wade dated 4 February 1530, Alice Lodge who died in 1638, Henry Ambler, Richard Simpson and others. A fund is held in permanent endowment and income deriving from this fund is distributed in the form of monetary grants to registered charities fulfilling the Trust's charitable objectives.  

The Trust is a member of the Association of Charitable Foundations and the Yorkshire Grant Makers’ Forum.




The Trust has two primary charitable objectives and all grant applications must clearly fulfil at least one of these objectives:-


1         providing and maintaining open spaces within the pre-1974 Leeds city boundary, for the benefit and recreation or health of the inhabitants of Leeds”


2         “the provision of facilities for recreation, amusement, entertainment and general social intercourse for citizens of every age of areas of population in the City of Leeds occupied in the main by the working classes including in any such objects the establishment of what are commonly known as Community Centres and Youth Centres”


The area of benefit is the pre-1974 city boundary of Leeds, this is covered very approximately by Leeds postal districts 1 to 17, but does not include areas that previously came within the jurisdiction of Wetherby Rural District Council (e.g. Thorner)

Wade’s Charity is registered with the Charity Commission, registration number 224939
 Last updated 29th May 2015
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