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Our Land

All the property below is owned by Wade’s Charity although it is all maintained by Leeds City Council and it is all on long leases to them with the exception of the Kirkgate /Church Walk area, Merrion Street and Adel Moor.

Date Property Acquired & Description

  • 7 April 1932

    Garden of Rest, Merrion Street/ Wade Lane

  • 7 July 1898

    Smithies Garth

  • 1 July 1902

    Land in Tweedale Place formerly part of Smithies Garth

  • 24 Feb 1904

    Land with frontages to Vinery Terrace, Raincliffe Rd, Welbeck Rd and Everleigh Rd

  • 9 Oct 1905

    Woodhouse Square

  • 22 July 1908

    Land at Marsh Lane and York Street (four separate pieces)

  • 3 Sep 1909

    Land at Headingley

  • 27 Sep 1912

    Land at the junction of Kirkgate and Church Lane*

  • 1 July 1920

    Middleton Park and cottages situated on the north side of Town Street, Middleton

  • 6 July 1927

    Land to the south side of York Road, Osmondthorpe

  • 7 Nov 1927

    Land at Gledhow Valley separated by Gledhow Valley Road

  • 28 Mar 1928

    Land at Potternewton on the south west side of Gledhow Valley Rd known as Clem Wood or Hall Bank Wood and at Chapel Allerton on the north east side of Gledhow Valley Road being Valley Road being the major part of Gledhow Wood (Two pieces)

  • 24 Feb 1928

    Gotts Park including Armley House

  • 3 June 1929

    Land at Snake Lane 

  • 17 Apr 1930

    Land with frontage to Cross Green Lane and Snake Lane

  • 31 Dec 1929

    Land at Throstle Lane, Middleton

  • 25 July 1932

    Land at Kirkstall with frontage to Vesper Lane, Abbey Rd and Abbey Walk

  • 6 Jan 1933

    Land at Kirkstall with frontages to Vesper Lane and Spen Lane

  • 11 Nov 1935

    Land near Adel Lane

  • 4 May 1936

    Land at Far Headingley

  • 21 Dec 1936

    King George VI garden at Seacroft

  • 20 Sep 1946

    Land at Adel Moor*

  • 24 Mar 1947

    Land between York Road and Gipton Square

  • 11 Mar 1994

    Land off Town Street at Rodley

The land at Adel Moor is owned by Leeds City Council but there are covenants in favour of the Trustees of Wade’s Charity.

If you have any queries in relation to property owned by the Charity, please e-mail our Property Adviser, Janet Hindle at property@wadescharity.org