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There is a strong commitment within the ethos of Wade’s Charity to support all sections of the community residing in Leeds. Within this wide category are grants made to support and improve community facilities and those made to provide and support community activities.


Community Facilities  

Supporting community buildings including church halls, community centres and such like has been a feature of Wade’s grant making for many years and is specified within the Charity scheme. Improvement of community facilities enables more people to participate in local activities and to also take pride in their local environment.


Recent grants for the improvement of community facilities have been awarded to the following organisations: 

Rodley CC

Gipton Methodist Church

Leeds Mencap

Jigsaw Visitor Centre


Community Activities   

Many grants are given to support opportunities for all sections of the community to come together and participate in recreational and social activities. Whilst the opportunity to socialise or enjoy recreational activity is the main focus of many of these grants, the recipient  organisations are often supporting marginalised groups who may have limited access to enjoy such activities.


Examples of recent grant recipients are: 


Spacious Places

West Yorkshire Chaplaincy


Caring For Life

Friends of PHAB

Hyde Park Unity Day

Little Sisters of the Poor

Foundation Housing

Sikh Sports UK


The Haven